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Get a competitive cash offer within 24 hours. Skip the hassle of listing, showings, and months of uncertainty. Choose your close date.


Whether it’s getting married, starting a family, taking a new job, we help you get to your next step in one simple, seamless all cash transaction with just a few clicks. Here’s how we make it easy to sell your home.

Step 1:
Request your cash offer online, no prep work or showings

Tell us about your home’s features and upgrades—it only takes minutes. Selling a home has never been this easy with traditional markets

Step 2:
We’ll prepare a competitive offer

If your home qualifies, our local market experts will begin preparing your cash offer. 

They review sale prices of homes like yours and fine-tune your offer based on your home’s unique features and the latest market trends.

Step 3:
Review your offer

Within 24 hours, we’ll make an all-cash offer with no risk of financing fall-through and have one of our dedicated home advisors reach out to you directly.

They will walk you through your offer price, associated fees, and any other questions that come up.

Step 4:
Complete your home assessment

Love the offer? Great! Now you are ready for your free, in-person home assessment. Pick a date, and we’ll send a friendly team to check your home’s condition. 

If any repairs are needed, we’ll pay for it and you get to skip the work.


Step 5:
Close & celebrate!

You get to choose your close date, so you don’t have to move twice or pay two mortgages. After that, you move and focus on celebrating.

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